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Hello I’m called Sophia, I am 12 years old and enjoy reading, sewing, crafting, and playing board games. I live in south Devon with my Mum, Dad, and my two brothers Isaac and Eli. We often go out exploring on Dartmoor . Me, Isaac, and Eli are home educated which means we are taught at home by our mum. We do lots of stuff such as home ed groups, forest school , day trips to places like the Eden Project , science experiments, Dance classes and I have just started a course with Lamda (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art)

I have started this blog to write about things I’m interested in like Extinction Rebellion , books, music, movies, sewing and board games (and basically anything else!!!!).

Yours sincerely Lady.S

Christmas Trees!

Hi guys, sorry I haven’t had time to write until lately. But I am here today, and cause it is getting up to Christmas I thought I would research where Christmas trees came from.

So I’m not gonna do the complete history cause that will take forever, so I am mainly gonna focus on Christmas Trees in England.

Christmas trees were originally from Germany. In the 1790s Queen Charlotte bought them over, she was the wife of King George the third, and was born in Germany.

Christmas trees back then were not what you expect a Christmas tree to be nowadays. They would have been a lot smaller and were potted trees that would be put on a table, but still decorated with lights and ornaments.

Many people think that Prince Albert (The husband of Queen Victoria and also German) introduced Christmas trees, this is actually false information. Charlotte introduced them but in the 1840s Albert and Victoria made them incredibly popular. Because they were very popular with the people after they had got a Christmas tree everyone wanted one!

That’s all from me. I hope you enjoyed this blog.

Yours Sincerely Lady.S


Hey guys guess what? Today is my 1 year anniversary so to celebrate I am going to do a Q and A please send me questions and I will answer them in my next blog as long as they aren’t about personal details like where I live and stuff.

My Easter

Hi Guys! Today I’m going to tell you about my Easter! Let’s start then!

When I came down in the morning to see my chocolate, on the table I didn’t have 1 egg, I didn’t have 2 eggs, but I had 3 eggs!

My Eggs
My Eggs
My Eggs

So much CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I ate some. a bit later in the morning we went to a woods and me, Mum, and my Brothers went for a walk while Dad hid us 11 little small eggs this is what they looked like:

little eggs
little eggs in grass in our garden
more little eggs in our garden.

When we got back we had a peice of toast for lunch/snack. Then Grandma and Grandad arrived for a outside BBQ (It is allowed because they didn’t come in the house we had it in the garden) we had burgers, chipolatas, potato salad, halloumi, salad, and corn on the cob. Then for pudding we had mississippi mud pie. After all that I felt sick, so I just read for the rest of day till the evening then watched a show called Chuck with Mum and Dad then went to bed.

Well that’s all from me! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and had a great Easter! Tell me about your Easter and how much Chocolate you got in the comments!

Your Sincerely Lady.S

Queen Elizabeth

Hi guys. Today we are going to be talking about the virgin queen, Queen Elizabeth the 1 of England! I am fascinated by the Tudors, anyway let’s start with the fact file:

  1. She was born on the 7 September 1533
  2. She died on the 24 March 1603
  3. She was never married hence earning her the nickname the virgin queen!
  4. Queen Elizabeth was a Protestant
  5. She was crowned Queen of England on the 15 January 1559
Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

Queen Elizabeth had a famous feud with Mary Queen of Scots. When Mary of Scots was executed on 8th February 1587 after her head was cut off, her lips kept moving for 20 minutes after her execution!

Fun fact: Queen Elizabeth 1 is my favourite tudor ruler.

That’s all from me for now. Comment below to tell me your favourite ruler! See you next time.

Yours Sincerly Lady.S.

My World Project: Intro and Colonization!

Hi guys, during lockdown I decided to do a world project, by myself in my own time! What I’m doing today is sharing the first part of it because I thought you guys might be interested! Here it goes…today I will be sharing the intro and Colonization page!


In this project some of the things I will be talking about will be:

  • Colonization
  • Some diffrent countries including:
  • Japan
  • Russia
  • Easter Island
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • China
  • Sierra Leone
  • & more!
  • Climate change!


What is Colonization? Colonization is were a more powerful country comes to a weaker country & says I own this place & then makes the Indigenous people follow their rules, religion, & tradition & speak their language & sometimes when a Indigenous child goes to school they have to change their name to a christian name!

Luckliy this doesn’t happen much any more. But some countries are still colonized!

Well that’s all from me today!

Yours Sincerly Lady.S


Hi guys! Today I just thought, “I like reading about what other people get for Christmas, maybe other people do too!” So that is what I am doing today! OK, let’s start:

First from Santa, I got a watch

an eyeshadow pallet:

Then I got a Harry Potter t-shirt!

Create This Book by Moriah Elizabeth

As you can see I have already started it

And lastly from santa (apart from chocolate coins and a orange) I got 2 bath bombs

I already used 1

Then from mum and dad I got: This thing to go to a workshop at Harry Potter studios

I am in Hufflepuff! Let me know what Hogwarts house you are in!

The Whomping Willow lego set from Harry Potter

And Snow Angel by Lauren St John (I highly recomend it. If you want to read a book review on it let me know in the comments)

I got some more things but this post is probably long enough, as it is so if you want to see a part 2 let me know!

So that’s all from me. Let me know what you got for Christmas in the comments. And happy 2021!

Yours Sincerly Lady.S

Book Reading:Kat Wolfe Investigates Chapter 1

Hi guys. Today I am doing something new, I’ve done book reviews before, but in this I will talk about the chapter. Sorry I didn’t explain that very well, explaining things is NOT my strong point. If you didn’t get that sorry, but now I’m just going to get into it and hopefully you’ll get it. Oh 1 last thing I suggest you read/listen the first chapter of Kat Wolfe Investigates before reading this post.

The first book I’ll be doing is Kat Wolfe Investigates by Lauren St John. Today I’ll be talking about chapter 1

This is probably 1 of the scariest chapters of this book. Basically what happens is her Mum texts saying she’ll be back soon and Naska’s (the student who lives with them) sister was in A & E so Naska was with her and then a burglar come and Kat throws a tennis ball which hits a vase which send a book flying knocks the burglar out and the Kat’s mum gets home. I quite like the tension and spookiness of this chapter

My two fave parts of this chapter are “‘You want me to give away The Tiger who came to Tea. What kind of monster are you? That’s the first book you ever read to me’ Her Mum’s face lit up. ‘You remember! OK, maybe not that one, but how about recycling some of the mystery novels you’ve read a dozen times? You’ve dropped at least half of them in the bath.'” and the second part is “‘But it didn’t’ Kat grinned. Now that her mum was home and the police were rushing to the rescue, she felt a lot better. ‘Long story short,I was saved by Thelma’s vase, a chewed tennis ball and The Merck Veterinary Manual.”

Well that’s all from me. Let me know in the comments what your fave part from Kat Wolfe Investigates chapter 1 is.

Yours Sincerely Lady.S

Moriah Elizabeth, You-tuber review

Hi guys! Today is a first, I’m going to be reviewing a You-tuber! If it goes well I may do it again! Well let us start:

The You-tuber I’m reviewing today is someone you may either watch or have heard of: it is Moriah Elizabeth. Moriah has had her channel since 2010 but only started posting regularly in 2012!!!

Her channel is an arts and crafts channel, she does things like squishy makeovers, create this book 2 (she completed create this book but it is on her channel), and lots of other things!

Moriah Elizabeth is also the author of create this book and create this book 2! Her birthday is November the 14 and is 25 years old!

I like Moriah Elizabeth’s channel because she does art and craft, and she is funny. I would quite like her to do more 5 minute crafts.

That’s all I have got for you today! Over all I highly recommend you go and check her channel out, comment below with what you thought of it.

Yours sincerely Lady.S

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